Lock down: Day 15. Entertaining sick children.

It’s been 355 hours since all four members of my family were well. That’s 355 hours since I’ve been out of the house for anything other than emergency trips to top up on sticker-book supplies or Kleenex.

During this time the England football team has lost a manager, Fred Goodwin has lost a Sir and scientists have found a possible cure for Alzheimer’s. Romney has emerged as the frontrunner in the US Republican candidate elections, Santorum has emerged as the frontrunner in the US Republican candidate elections and Jordan has appeared on Newsnight.

During this time I have learned all the words to the Mr Bloom’s Nursery theme tune, including the tricky rap bit (“cabbage, runner beans, tomatoes and a marrow”).

I have rediscovered my tracing skills. (It always made me proud as a child: seeing something appear on the page that actually resembled the object it was supposed to be.) I can now whip up a Bob the Builder for my son to colour quicker than you can say “Can we fix it?”. Top tip parents: the iPad makes a great light box, though the picture does have a tendency to swipe away from you and using paperclips is probably not a good idea.

I’ve baked, coloured, constructed, cleaned. I’ve snot-wiped and puke-wiped and dished out medicine.

And I have handcrafted THIS beauty:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is time well spent, no?

Finally, it seems everyone is well and tomorrow we are venturing out into the world. Wish me luck: apparently the average young child has 8-12 illnesses a year. Doubled up that means 16-24 colds, coughs and sniffles to keep us home between now and Christmas.


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