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I’ve just discovered Pinterest. Not sure if mine is a pioneering exploration or if I’m late on this bandwagon, but, either way, I think I’m going to like it.

The first time I logged on to Facebook and the profiles of my email contacts who were already on there popped up, I was sucked in. I didn’t quite get it, but it compelled me to come back. But whereas with Facebook it took a while to see how and why I would make room for it in my life – not so with Pinterest: I’m hooked after just 48 hours.

So what is it?

It’s basically an app for keeping visual lists. And I love lists. They make me feel safe and warm. They are my snuggle blanket, my sucked thumb. I also love browsing the Internet, following links to links to more links. I often come across websites or images that I want to take note of, to come back to, so I bookmark them. But then I end up with an ugly text list, usually of website names that mean nothing to me that I rarely revisit. The beauty of Pinterest is that if you see something you like anywhere on the world wide web, you simply hit ‘Pin It’ and it is stored, as an image, on your Pinterest pinboard.

You can split your pinboard into categories: so far I have kids, home and knitting, but you can create as many as you like. You can also search or follow other people’s pinboards, which I fear is going to be dangerous time-guzzler. I often get swallowed by readers’ book recommendations on Amazon listmania, and this is so much bigger than that. Say you are refitting your kitchen (as I have just done), you can search Pinterest for ‘kitchens’ or click the ‘Home’ or ‘DIY’ categories, where you can browse other people’s look-books – when you see something you like, just re-pin it to your own board. If you really like someone’s style you can follow them, and there is opportunity for chat with other people, should you want it. Of course, there’s a lot of gumpf up there, but the visual layout makes it quite easy to skip the shite.

I haven’t fully got to grips with the site yet – and some elements are a little confusing – but nevertheless, my morning checklist just got longer: emails, news, Facebook, blog and now, Pinterest.

Ps You need an invite to join at the moment so if anyone needs one, just let me know.



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2 responses to “Pinteresting

  1. Alex

    Sounds like an interesting concept – will give it a go. Might save me ending up with 25 browser windows open all the time! Could I have an invite?

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