First steps – from baby to toddler (and a free photo)

So, aged 13 months, Gertie finally took the plunge and wobbled from Bevis to me. And back again. And back again. (She was very pleased with herself). It prompted an immediate trip to Clarks to buy some shoes. I have recently been feeling rather judged at mums’ groups when Gerts rocks up in just socks, and I think a shoeless toddler is probably social services fodder. Anyway – the staff at Clarks offered to take a family polaroid of this momentous occasion, which for some reason Bevis and I found hilarious. I love this picture – check out Stan’s debonair pose.

Clarks first shoes

Living it up at Clarks





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2 responses to “First steps – from baby to toddler (and a free photo)

  1. Boo

    Go Gerts!
    And it’s actually a great photo of all four of you which, if your family is anything like mine, is a rare thing. So I think the Clarks assistant deserves some credit.
    Eliza is definitely going to shop me to social services – she tells her childminder ‘sometimes mummy leaves me and Peggy on our own’, ‘and then mummy got really cross with daddy’, etc!

  2. Shoes? At 13 months? What’s wrong with clogs? And didn’t you keep Stan’s hand-me-downs?

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