Call out for local kids’ events

I want to compile a list of the regular kids’ events and activities in and around Haringey. Every time I find myself with a spare half hour with the kids I have to trawl through several children’s centre timetables or conduct an online search. So I’ve decided to try to list all the events in one place, by day. I’m nearly ready to publish it – I have pretty much all the children’s centres and libraries, but if anyone knows of any groups, please message me or comment below so I can add them. I’m mainly interested in under-fives at the moment, and I’m not including courses, like swimming or football.



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4 responses to “Call out for local kids’ events

  1. Boo

    I’ve heard there’s a great little place in Markfield Park.

  2. Dear Londinium mum,

    I wanted to get in touch because I thought you might be interested in this.
    My blog | Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche | is about living in North London as an architect, a mother interested in all things design. (similar to yours;))

    I know your readers are interested in things to do in London with young children and thought they might enjoy reading some of my posts.
    I especially chose one of my latest ones about FUNharmonics.

    Would you be interested in sharing it with your audience?

    Speak soon,
    | Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche |

    • Hey,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Your blog looks great and I’d definitely be up for referencing funharmonics and your blog – going to buy me some tickets ASAP. I did try to comment on your blog but couldn’t do it through my phone, hopefully you’ll read this!

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