My Dad the nutter and London 2012 with kids

I didn’t manage to get any London 2012 tickets. When organised people were busy registering I wasn’t really paying attention. By the time I started thinking that, actually, it might be quite nice to go and see some of the games, seeing as they are here on my doorstep and all, tickets were long gone. I never expected to catch the 100m final or anything, but I did envisage being able to wake up one August morning and say: “Hmm, maybe I’ll go see some netball today”, or some such. Anyway, I’m not bitter, because yesterday I got the chance to take a trip down to the Olympic site (along with 30,000 other people) for a charity event and site test. It was rather exciting seeing the stadium in it’s glory – it really is there, and will apparently be finished on time.

We were there because my amazing (out-of-his-mind) father is one of many incredible people (nutters) who are raising money for charity doing Olympic-themed events this year. While most people are swimming 2012m or climbing 2012 feet or similar, he has opted to run two thousand and twelve miles between February and November. Yep, you heard right: that’s 200 miles a month, on average – or two marathons a week. John Bishop, eat your heart out. By the end of this week he will be approaching the 500-mile mark. You will be hearing more about this throughout the year as I plan to do lots of fundraising events and will pester anyone and everyone for support. I’m aiming to raise £2012. I figure I can find 50 people to donate £20 and another 80 to donate £12 (or £2 and £1.20, or even £200 and £120 – you get the gist).  If you would like to read more or make a donation for this fantastic (crazy) challenge then you can visit his Justgiving page here: or else just wait for me to badger you!

London 2012 with children

I’d like to be able to give some helpful taking-kids-to-the-Olympics tips, but I’m not sure how comparable the real thing will be with yesterday. However, there are a couple of things I can share:

1) There are pushchair store rooms near the seating – though they are labelled ‘stroller store’ for American tourists who can’t understand us cockneys with our pushchairs and pavements.

2) Like on a flight, you can’t take any liquids over 100ml, but there is free water inside and you can take empty plastic bottles to fill up.

3) Organisers haven’t released details yet of the exact food policy in terms of what you can take in with you, but they have said that baby food is definitely ok, as are sandwiches and small snacks. Massive picnic hampers probably not so welcome. The food inside actually didn’t look too bad. There were only a few stalls open yesterday, but the variety was a bit posher and healthier than your usual sports arena fare – and there was a Cornish pasty stand for Cameron.

4) We parked in Westfield, and it was super easy, but whether that will still be true at full capacity who can say.

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