Painting pebbles

Stan is off school sick again so we are back to trying to find enough activities to fill a day that feels very long when you can’t go out and have no visitors. Inspired by the fab Red Ted Art’s blog, today we made these cute little fellows:

Painting pebbles: Five Little Ducks

The idea is that they are props for singing ‘Five Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day”. We collected the stones from the garden – possibly the bit Stan enjoyed the most – making sure we had a mummy and daddy (in our sexist version mummy duck quacks away and no little ducks come swimming back, but when daddy duck gets on the case they all come rushing home). We painted them white and yellow and then drew the faces on when the paint was dry. I think they’ll need a coat of clear nail varnish as we just used poster paints and Gertie has already dribbled the eyes blurry on one of the chicks.

Hot off the success of out first attempt we were back in the garden looking for Goldilocks and the Three Bears:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We had the added bonus with these that we had to mix colours to get brown, so got a nice little science lesson thrown in for free! It killed some time anyway…



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6 responses to “Painting pebbles

  1. Aaaah so pleased I helped you a little on a “day in sick”. And I LOVE your Goldilocks and Three Bears!! FABULOUS! 🙂

  2. Brilliant! Next game to play is gifting those stone critters else you will find your whole house and garden swarm with characters by the time Stan is in Year 2. How about leaving one on every 10th bench? Learning to give away is a very hard skill, I still haven’t mastered it. Nicola

    • What an excellent idea! I must admit I am quite brutal with things that have been crafted by Stan – as soon as they are forgotten by him they are in the bin (apart from a choice few, of course). But you are right, I’d never be able to throw these away.

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