Back to Netball

There are so many things from my youth I wish I could do again. I don’t mean to do them better, I literally mean to do them again because they were fun. Take GCSEs for example – how nice to spend your days doing a bit of art followed by an hour or so of French study, followed by some messing about in a science lab, followed by a nice swim. Or university clubs and societies – all those activities laid on, and on your doorstep – fantastic. A summer camp – that would be fun wouldn’t it? Heck, I never even went to girl guides as a kid but I sure would like to go now.

While, sadly, I can’t go back and do most of these things, but tonight I did get one welcome blast from the past …

I’ve just returned from my first session of ‘Back to Netball‘ at Heartlands School in Wood Green. It was so much fun – so, so, so, so much fun. I’m even tempted to say OMG it was fun. Not intimidating, not scary, not too hard, not full of fit young things leaving me panting in a corner, but supportive and, erm, fun.

Back to Netball is a nationwide scheme aimed at giving women over 16 ‘a gentle introduction’ to the sport. I’m not very good at guessing ages, but I am 34 and I’d say most people were within 10-12 years of my age – in both directions. Everyone was very friendly and it really wasn’t intimidating AT ALL – not at all. It was super fun. And I’m not one of those really sporty types, I was usually about fifth or sixth to be picked for the rounders teams at school, in between the people the captains really wanted and those they really didn’t want.

The session lasted an hour and consisted of a warm up, a couple of  games (not matches, just silly games to get you loosened up), some drills (things like passing the ball with a partner and running the length of the pitch before trying to shoot) and then finally a short match. Did I say it was fun?

It’s only £3 a session so there must be some funding coming from somewhere – I do hope it’s not about to get cut. There are sessions going on in Haringey every week day – I’ve posted a photo of the leaflet below, which gives all the times and locations. Sorry about the dodgy, blurry pic, but I’ve expended all my energy on the pitch and I can’t be bothered to type it all up. Like I said, it is a nationwide scheme so if you don’t live in Haringey check out the session finder on their website to find one near you. Now, where’s my pleated skirt?

Haringey Back to Netball



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