I’m more tired than you. No, I’m more tired than you

Recently me and Boyfriend seem to have got into a bit of competitive ‘tireding’. It goes a bit like this:

I say (having been given a lie in until 8am): What time did Gertie wake up?
(I mean: I hope it wasn’t so early Boyfriend thinks he can go back to bed)

He says: I’m not sure, about 5.30am. I’m shattered.
(He means: 6am. I’m so much more tired than you)

I say: Oh dear
(I mean: I bet it was more like 6.30am. Stop complaining about being tired. I look after the kids all week while you swan off to work. That makes me MORE TIRED THAN YOU)

He says: How are you feeling?
(He means: Aren’t you lucky you had a lie in. You’d better give me one tomorrow)

I say: I’m quite tired. She was up a fair bit in the night.
(I mean: Didn’t you hear me? I’m more tired than you. Don’t go thinking I owe you a lie in tomorrow.)

He says: Oh was she? I didn’t hear.
(He means: I heard you and you were up ONCE in the night)

I say: Is there coffee in the pot?
(I mean: Did I mention I’m tired? I need a coffee just to get going – that’s how tired I am)

He says: It’s probably cold
(He means: I made it hours ago, while you were enjoying a lie-in – something I haven’t enjoyed for months…)

And so our day begins.



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13 responses to “I’m more tired than you. No, I’m more tired than you

  1. Oh DEAR! This is so me and my husband too. Actually, not oh dear. It’s nice to know it’s not just us.

  2. This is where a microwave helps – cold food is fine, but hot coffee is essential first thing and takes almost zero ping time reheating. I talk as a philistine of course but warm caffine please. Meant to say how much I like the name Gertie! Total tiredness, lasts, perhaps two years plus a bit per child? It’s why I only have two children.

    • I figure I’ve got about a year to go. We did the most stupid thing though and had another baby just at the point Stan was reliably sleeping through the night and until later than 6.30am. Definitely no third child – bring on the teenage years when it’s a struggle to get them out of bed.

  3. LOL! I remember those days….hang in there, it does get easier! Mine are all over 7 now and either get themselves up and breakfasted or I’m dragging them out of bed!

  4. Ha ha! We do this too! I don’t feel so bad now!

  5. Yep. Familiar here too

  6. Oh yes. And we have competitive bad days too. It goes with the territory!

  7. This was so funny, mumsnet is doing a book chat about the same topic this week, see the new book Night Waking (quite clever so long as you’ve the energy to read it!). Just wanted to give you a Liebster award, see what this is here, http://aroundbritainnoplane.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/blogs-that-deserve-awards.html

    • Thank you. My first award, ever, I think. Maybe I got a rosette at sports day once… I didn’t know you had another blog – will def explore that one later. Now I’ve got to try to find five blogs to nominate, which is quite tricky, esp since I can’t throw one back at you.

      • Yes, sorry about making it hard work. You have so many people commenting – fabulous. Re tired: always happy to babysit if you ever need it, though I’m better at 5am than 11pm!

  8. Good one! A taste of things to come for me 🙂 Luckiuly my husband is an early (and I mean very early, like 5am) bird.

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